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Based in Cape Town, Phyto Afriq is based on the development of premium high performance botanical skin care treatments based on principles of sustainability. We favour small scale sustainable resources, naturally propagated and hand harvested plants. This produces healthier and more potent botanical extracts and it provides employment and skills development opportunities where it matters the most.

Sustainable wildharvesting of Aloe Ferox enables economic growth for the rural harvesters and their families, binding communities building legacies. Children are taught how to tap by their grandparents and it is not unusual to see four generations working the mountainsides together.

Aloe Ferox + Ultra Hydrating Facial Gel is our inaugural product. Harnessing and showcasing our indigenous plant power for the ultimate goal of Phyto Afriq: High performance premium botanical-based skincare treatments that support the communities of indigenous rural entrepreneurs whose livelihoods depend on these plants.