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Phyto Afriq is a Cape Town based company with a core focus on the development of premium high performance botanical skin care products based on principles of sustainability. Behind every product is the purpose of preserving and promoting the South Africa's indigenous plant kingdom, putting to use the ancient and highly regarded therapeutic properties and benefits of these botanical extracts. Inherently tied to the plant kingdom are the people behind the plants, the indigenous rural entrepreneurs of South Africa, and their financial and social independence built around the wildcrafting, harvesting and care of plants in their region.

We favour small scale sustainable resources, naturally propagated and hand harvested plants over mass scale mechanized farming. Not only does this produce healthier and more potent botanical extracts but it also provides employment and skills development opportunities where it matters the most. For every bottle of Aloe Ferox + Ultra Hydrating Facial Gel sold Phyto Afriq contributes financially to support the preservation of true rural entrepreneurship for the long term. Read our Sustainable Wildcrafting section for more information.

Aloe Ferox + Ultra Hydrating Facial Gel is the first in a series of premium concentrated activity facial skin care products, sustainably wildcrafted Aloe Ferox will always be the core ingredient. We are proud to work with South Africa’s leading skin care scientist, an established pioneer in formulating advanced skin care products with Aloe Ferox and indigenous botanicals. Together we create the space for nature to take centre stage where it can continue to do its extraordinary work.

Our inaugural product sets the standard: understated, sophisticated, expertly formulated and uniquely crafted. Harnessing and showcasing our indigenous plant power for the ultimate goal of Phyto Afriq: High performance premium botanical-based skincare treatments that support the communities of indigenous rural entrepreneurs whose livelihoods depend on these plants.