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Rose Geranium. Fragrant, soothing anti-aging gentle force of nature

Harvested from its indigenous environment in the Cape Floral Region, Rose Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens) belongs to the indigenous Geranium family, one of many intriguing aromatherapy plant genus’ endemic to South Africa.

Rose Geranium plants produce an exceptionally pure oil that induces a sensorial experience that is both uplifting and awakening, calming and grounding. It is famed for its balancing effect on the skin and for helping keep skin supple while balancing the stability of oily skin and of dry skin.

Rose Geranium was exported to Europe as a therapeutic plant in the 1800s, believed by traders to be a powerful antioxidant that was popular as a treatment in improving circulation and assisting with detoxification.

With a historic reputation as a tonic with stimulating properties that help to provide higher levels of energy and vitality, this pure leaf oil is believed to help reduce feelings of anxiety, and enhance uplifting the mood to promote feelings of well-being

Rose Geranium leaf oil adds a wildly raw herbaceous floral fragrance to Aloe Ferox + Ultra Hydrating Facial Gel, softening the green notes of Buchu leaf oil while soothing, stimulating and opening the senses.

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