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Redefining skin hydration

Superfoods are actives in skin care formulations. Hydration and antioxidants are central to anti-aging treatment plans. Mass cultivation is no longer tolerated.

These are current principles that we value and they reframe our approach to holistic health. What we eat, what we drink, what we wear on our skin: what these products are made from and where they come from. We know that our skin health needs are as refined and specific as our body health needs.

Just as our body needs hydration and nourishment to function at optimum health, so does our skin. Just as our food needs a clean and ethical backstory, so do the products we use on our skin.

We know that hydration is key in retaining elasticity of our skin. But our skin needs to be nourished as well as moisturised, it needs nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals, vitamins, amino acids... Our skin needs nurturing, support and protection against the wear and tear of daily life and stresses, polluted air, chemicals in the water and foods we consume.

Aloe Ferox is a super plant of famed and historic hydration and healing properties. By formulating Aloe Ferox at concentrated levels and combining it with Buchu and Rose Geranium, we draw out and combine the therapeutic properties of all three. Expertly formulated to balance the complimentary synergetic properties of these three important therapeutic plants we take hydration to the next level, and redefine it as a nutritional and therapeutic hydration treatment.

The result is an extraordinary and effective product with a powerful synergetic balance of hydration, antioxidant and soothing, restorative properties. These are locked in beneath the skin for continued visible hydration and soothing effects.

Aloe Ferox + Ultra Hydrating Facial Gel is a hydration treatment that has a uniquely pleasant user experience. It uplifts and awakens the senses and connects you to the wild plant kingdom of the Cape Floral Region every time you apply.

The difference is not only something you feel, it is something you see. 

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