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Buchu, organic indigenious and potent. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

The vast rugged mountainsides of the Cape Floral Region provide the perfect ecosystem for this small, tough aromatic shrub to thrive. In fact Buchu (Agathosma Betulina) is a fynbos legend that survives these extreme landscapes and weather conditions far better than most of its neighboring plants.'

The harsh environmental conditions force the Buchu plant to send its roots deep into the earth to absorb the pure, abundant and potent minerals the lie deep under the top layers of soil . This mineral rich and nutrient dense soil feeds the Buchu sap with rich botanical compounds that ultimately provide more densely packed therapeutic extracts and leaf oils when harvested. This exposure to the elements, biodiverse terroir, pure uncontaminated air and water are believed to intensify the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actives that Buchu is renowned for.

Considered to be amongst South Africa’s most important therapeutic plants with a long history, Buchu has a reputation for reducing free radical damage and for providing a strong defence against the effects of environmental stresses and sun.

Buchu leaf oil releases a distinctive minty herbacious fragrance that provides Aloe Ferox + Ultra Hydrating Facial Gel with its famed signature scent, strikingly beautiful and herbacious, differentiated and overwhelmingly refreshing and satisfying.

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